Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surprise attack!

Popped into Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Art today with my grandmother and was ambushed by a buffet luncheon. There was, of course, a tower of baked goods. I had no choice!

The brownies were fine. Small squares, lightly dusted with icing sugar. As far as texture goes, they were more chocolate cake than brownie. While I prefer my brownies to be gooey on the inside and crisp on the outside, these were a little bit too spongy. Too little chocolate and a bit too much flour.

I also sampled a couple of cookies - chocolate chip, butterscotch and macadamia nut. Unfortunately, all seemed to have an excess of flour and salt, which overwhelmed the extra ingredients. They also lacked that special cookie crunch - floppy (stale?) rather than crumbly.

All in all, I was a bit disappointed by the baked goods. I know it's a large buffet but, for such classic American desserts, they could have been a lot better.

Sorry guys. Better luck next time.


And, one special friend might be interested to hear that I macadamia nuts also trigger my OAS (oral allergy syndrome). Learn something new everyday!

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