Friday, June 3, 2011

Red Rooster's cornbread

Last night, I joined two dear friends up in Harlem to check out Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster. Not only was I lucky enough to enjoy their good company, I also had some baked goods too!

Before ordering our main courses our server recommended we try the cornbread and we happily placed an order. Cornbread is the generic name used to describe a variety of breads made using cornmeal and leavened with baking powder. It is often considered as a typically "southern" dish but seems to originate in Native American culinary culture, perhaps because of its ready availability.

Our two thick slices of cornbread was served hot with two small pots of honeyed butter and tomato jam (my favorite). We cut the slices in half and contentedly smeared them with the delicious condiments. They tasted good - the cornmeal came through nicely, balanced by the right amount of creaminess. The bread itself was light, fluffy, neither too solid nor too crumbly. Personally, I prefer a little of that gritty texture but, disregarding that, Mr. Samuelsson's cornbread was excellent.

Unfortunately, I was silly enough to forget to take a phot, however, I took a photo of the bakery's selection as I snuck out. Enjoy!

Red Rooster:

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